Homemade Italian sausages

July is winter in this side of the world. Apart from ski, European love to make their own susage, salami, prosciutto, soppressata or kind of cured meats.

Marito has repeated this phrase every time when we brought sausage or salami “we have to make our own this year”… my response always “Ok Ok” with cheeky smile.

This Saturday, we woke up at 6:30am, 7 am arrived to our favour butcher.

There have 4 or 5 men lined up and waited for their favour man to show their order – whole piece of pork shoulder and leg.

Do you believe it – all men, obviously it is their speciality and they know what is the best shoulder and leg.

We used 1 pork shoulder and 1 pork leg, using different part of pork in order to have more fat content in the sausage. If not, the sausage tasted a bit dry. The butcher would show it to us first, then he minced the meat if we were happy with it.

Back home, we put some salt (salt amount = 0.15% of meat weighted – it is only for the sausage put in freezer), fennel seeds, a little bit of red wine and chilli to marinate it for 2 hours. Then we would pan-fried a small portion to taste and make sure the salt content was right.

After this,we put the minced meat in the pork castings and used the string tied up as little sausage. We kept it in the freezer which would last longer.

Sound easy, honestly, just need sometime; some argument with your partner during the process to making it. It is normal. Every italian family go through different story every year and they would exchange their story with other family, a lot of laugh :)





Zucchini challenge 3 – Asia vegetarian dishes

Ingredient -red bean curb paste, Chinese dry mushroom (soak in warm water first few hours before cooking), dry fried bean curb stick (soak in warm water first), zhichinni, broccoli

Red bean curb paste is fermented bean curb, it has alcohol smell but not so strong. Normally, we fry it first to generate more favour, just like indian frying their species for curry.

But I don’t really like that strong favour plus make the house has strong smell.So, I would put some warm water and make the paste thinner. And it has enough salt content, so I don’t put any salt when I cook.

I pan-fried some garlic and ginger and put all ingredreidents in the pot cook for few minutes (except the red bean paste with warm water) . And then put the red bean paste and close the lid, let it cook slowly for 20-30 minutes until the chinese mushroom became very soft and have a taste of red bean paste.

This dishes go with rice very well.



Zucchini challenge 2 -Casarecce Siciliane tossed with home grown veg and salami

Casarecce is a traditional scroll pasta from southern Italy with S shape. Casarecce also means homemade. Because of their shape, it hold more sauce than other sort of pasta.

Italian made it by hand at home, very interesting, really want to do it with some of old lady in Italy one day.

This week, we have eggplants, zucchini, chili and tomatoes from the garden. I cut it as long strip. Heat up some oil, then add garlic and salami. When you can smell the garlic and salami favor coming out from the pan, then add the cut vegetable into the pan. Because the eggplant would absorb a lot of oil, so I added extra few drop of oil.

At the same time cook Casarecce based on the package instruction and remember to add salt on the water.

When the Casarecce is ready, tossed it with the cooked vegetable. If you think it is not enough sauce after mixed them together, you can add few spoon of water,which is used to cook the casarecce.

Buon appetite



Zucchini challenge 1 – pan fried zucchini with risoni

We have so many zucchini from the garden, let see how many dishes I can created

First week, pan fried zucchini with Risoni.
Boil some water for cooking risoni in a pot.
In the pan, heat up some oil, put some chopped garlic and sliced zucchini.
Zucchini has a lot of water content, after a while, it would have water come out from it. Then let it cook for 10 to 15 minutes.
When risoni is ready, just drain it and put in the pan with zucchini, cook together for few minutes. That’s done.



London vs Australia

It was a long flight from Australia to London, nearly 20 hours plus two transits at Brunei and Dubai. I slept very well.

People walking speed in London is similar to Hong Kong. I probably don’t realize how relax in Melbourne and assume only Asia country have that kind of walking speed and amount of people around you.

Shopping – some big brand H&M, Topshop, UniQld – found in Hong Kong and London but not in Melbourne. To be honest, is it really matter? People think they may be cheaper and better. If it is cheap, it may be poor quality. I still think Hong Kong is the best shopping place.

Obviously, London have a lot theatre. Advertisement of show business is everywhere. Australia is in more sport side, may be it has more daylight during the year.

In this journey, the most hot topic was ‘What do you feel or think about Australia comparing to London’.

I met 2 oz women who designed moving back to Australia after staying London 10 years and couple of good friends also plan to come home and some UK people think about moving to oz.┬áIn one hand, it is kind of surprise me while they have invested 10 years time in London, nearly 40, everything seems alright but no connection with the country. On the other hand, I do understand the meaning of ‘Home sweet Home’ after a while we know it’s time to go home.

Anywhere is home as long as you feel happy and comfortable.



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