Pineapple crochet dress

Back to my woolly world after a long break, this is my first item of 2014. Thanks god I finished it while this has been left in the lonely planet for few months. It is not easy to pick up and continuous the project again. I bet every knitter has this kind of experience. It…


London vs Australia

It was a long flight from Australia to London, nearly 20 hours plus two transits at Brunei and Dubai. I slept very well. People walking speed in London is similar to Hong Kong. I probably don’t realize how relax in Melbourne and assume only Asia country have that kind of walking speed and amount of…


The New and the Old

Last time visited London was over 10 years. The old buildings are still around and many new buildings are added. It created different feeling for this historical city.



This photo was taken in a storm day. The sun was bright and has a layer of dark cloud on the top. After transformation, the dark cloud change to orange¬†purple tone in the photo. It totally changes the feeling, from dark & grey to orange & yellow – more optimism and cheerful colours. Sometimes when…


Welcome Spring

Yeah, welcome spring,the nature is telling us. All the Vegie start flowering and lettuce growing fast after couple rainy days. This year our carrots is bigger than last year Even the length of¬† winter is same every year, but we always said ‘this winter is very cold and long’ Winter did make people feel depressed,…


Amazing 3 months

Here is my focus in this few months. I finished 3 vest, 1 cardigan and 2 beanies in 3months. Feel amazing, while I also work full time. We are in winter so no time to waste. Knitting cardigan with sleeves is a uniform for the young girl. It reminds me all my school uniform which…