This is my first time to work with designer, put her dreams (drawing) to actual product. I am so thankful and appreciated this opportunity. I always think it will be the pathway to go when I have more knitting experience and better skill; a bucket of excuse.

Before I replied back to my friend, my thought was “No”  because of this and that. However, when I talked to her, I just said totally different things.

Because of this project, it brought me back to my knitting world, creative side of me. Yes, I feel losing that side of me in the past few months and haven’t finished anything at all.

Plus, I started drawing again, it took me long time to overwrite people’s criticism. I believe I can do it, just take some time to practice.






Artichokes – a box







Artichokes season again, we found a super fresh on one of the market. I immediately asked Marito to buy it. He just looked at me, couldn’t say a word because he never brought a box of artichokes with his mum.

I jumped up and down like a little child, explained to him how fresh it is. If it has been put in cold room, the purple leaves would change to dark colour and counting how many kind of dishes we can do, of course the italian stuff with breadcrumb included.

The nutrition value of Artichoke is unbelievable. Sometimes I just boiled it with water specially brought the discounted one and drank the water.






Green smoothie

First time to know about green smoothie is from Multi Bullet advertising. It is a bit pricey piece of kitchen equipment. And the biggest question mark is how many times I will use it before left it in the corner of the pantry.

After all the research, I spent $30 to purchase George Foreman blenders. There have comments said the motor not last long but my one is doing well. If I blend the rough vegetable like carrots, I will cut it small and soak for half hours, same as lentil 


Some good ideas: Green Smoothie Recipesimage


Breakfast overnight oats

We all know breakfast is important, but sometimes we put it in the last priority when in a rush.

Recently, I have changed my lunch pattern, from rice, pasta to bread.

And I think it is the time to put some effort prepare my breakfast.

This idea got my friend few months ago:

my version: 1/4 cup of oats + light soy milk + strawberry + apple ; put it in the refrigerator overnight.

Ready to Monday !



Ideas from:


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